La Castellina, Castellina in Chianti, Siena, Toscana
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The Beginnings

Fattoria La Castellina was founded in 1980 originating from the historical properties  of the Squarcialupi family, an ancient nobile family of Florentine descent, which in 1250 had about reached the apex of its power.

The Squarcialupi descends from the founder Scorcialupo, of Longobard origins.

The Squarcialupi family had important ties with the nobility Fiorentina and Senese, allying at different times with Florence and Siena in the period when the two cities were rivals and fought in the neighboring territories of Castellina in Chianti, between 1200 and 1550.

The family during that period was distinguished for  being a ferocious and brave warrior and counted among  some  very important people such as Antonio, a singer who lived in Florence in 1400, Marcello, a heretic in 1500 and at the same time, Ignatius, the 'Abbot of the Abbey of Montecassino, the seat of the powerful Benedictine order.

The Palazzo Squarcialupi, the historical site of Fattoria La Castellina, became an important center of the powerful family Squarcialupi after the destruction by the Florentines of their most important office in the Sienese territory, the Monternano Castle inn 1254.

Since then the family has focused its power in the territory of Castellina in Chianti, the capital of the Chianti terziere, consisting of Castellina, Radda and Gaiole.

The Palace contains within its walls, the oldest coat of arms, the wolf with 6 balls at the bottom of the emblem, the symbol of the covenant between the Squarcialupi with the Medici family of Florence.

This link is personified in the early 1400s and up to 1450 by Antonio Squarcialupi, famous organist in the service of Lorenzo the Magnificent and owner of the Squarcialupi Codex, the first collection of musical works of the Ars Nova, which was opposed to the Ars Antiqua in 1400 and it was considered profane by the Church.

Also the Squarcialupi’s at the same period and with other branches of the family, were also enemies of the Medici and allied with the Pazzi family, the architects of the conspiracy that led to the death of Giuliano de 'Medici, brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent in 1476.

La Castellina today

Fattoria La Castellina, now owned by the Bojola-Targioni family, extends around 140 hectares of land surrounding Castellina in Chianti, and is managed since the'90s by Tommaso Bojola, who along with his wife Monica Targioni have entirely renovated and enlarged the Palace.

The Palazzo Squarcialupi, the historical site of the farm, is now home to an elegant, finely restored Hotel run by Monica, and at the restaurant Taverna Squarcialupi, you can taste the wines of the farm, on   the splendid terrace set within ancient medieval walls of Castellina.

On the facade of the palace there are two coats of arms, with two panthers which appear on the labels of the wines of Fattoria La Castellina such as the Chianti Classico vintage, Reserve and Great Selection of the Squarcialupi line.

The company's production criteria is inspired by tradition and the enhancement of the Sangiovese, the grape variety that reflects the Chianti territory.

Over the past 30 years, the farm has introduced the latest innovative techniques to improve the quality of its wines, respecting the characteristics that identify of the Chianti area.

The farm is located in the South West side of the valley that from Castellina in Chianti goes down towards La Ferrozzola, center of the farm and formerly used as dwellings by the sharecroppers of the farm, today it is an Holiday Farmhouse finely restructured and equipped with high level comfort. The vineyards are about 30 hectares in Castellina and 8 hectares in Maremma, the wine cellar is located in Castellina in Chianti.

The yearly production of the farm is 120.000 bottles of Chianti Classico and 80.000 bottles of different wines as the DOC Maremma, the IGT Toscana, the Vinsanto del Chianti Classico and the rare Vinsanto Occhio di Pernice from Sangiovese grapes.

The farm produce also the Extravirgin Olive Oil, coming from the ten hectares of olive groves, of very high quality.

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